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MAX PH-15DS 美克司紙釘釘書機 ( 紙針釘書機 )

MAX PH-15DS MAX Paper Staple Stapler


「Product」:PH-15DS MAX Paper Staple Stapler







  • If the food producer handles the metallic staple carelessly in the producing procedures and the customer unluckily swallows it, the press must spread out the incident. As a result, the reputation must swipe hardly.
  • Safety is very important in hospital. In order to match the safety regulations, hospital uses the newly born Paper Staple Stapler to avoid the metallic staple falling into the medical instruments and surgical tools…
  • Japanese kindergartens always treat the children in the most safety environment. They use Paper Staple Stapler to prevent the metallic staple be swallowed by the children. In fact, safety is no boundary between countries. As an organization pays attention to safety, it is necessary to use Paper Staple to substitute metallic staple.
  • In Japan, the waste materials are separated to paper, metal, plastic … before thrown away. The metallic staples are taken away from documents before separation. There is no rule to manage such action in Hong Kong. But it can be a reference or guideline to an environmental protection organization to implement.
  • Especially thanks to MAX CO., LTD. yearly puts great effort on the safety of environmental protection to develope paper staple stapler (non-metallic). It is a perfect match product for an industry organization which concern environmental protection.


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