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M&G AEQN-8921 A3 時尚過膠機 (70-125微米)

M&G AEQN-8921 Laminator A3


「Product」:AEQN-8921 Laminator A3






  • Color: White
  • Max. Document Size A3
  • Preheating Period 2.5-5min
  • Pouch Thickness 70-125mic
  • Laminating Speed ≤0.5mm
  • Max Laminating Thickness 250mm/min
  • Net weight 1.12kg
  • Gross weight 1.36kg
  • Dimensions 430*110*68mm
  • Bar code 6941458322808
  • Packing quantity 1/6
  • Warranty period:One-year Carry in warranty


(The actual price is subject to the salesperson’s quotation)

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