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MAX CPM-100HG5 印膠貼割字割圖機

MAX CPM-100HG3 Label & Sign Printing Machine


「Product」:CPM-100HG3 Label & Sign Printing Machine






  • MAX BEPOP word cutting machine, also known as boundary word machine or medium word machine, can print characters, print pictures, cut characters, and cut graphics at the same time, including cutting hollow shapes and hollow characters.
  • The MAX border type machine (cutting machine) can print and cut beautiful and conspicuous characters, because it can bind the fonts, such as red characters with white borders, and the cut characters can be attached to any background material to highlight the conspicuousness of the characters.
  • MAX printing and cutting machine, built-in a variety of signs for use, can print color, single pack or multiple colors on the sticker, and the sticker also has a variety of colors, with a very beautiful production.
  • MAX computer printing and cutting machine, using full adhesive stickers (non-adhesive paper bottom), waterproof, sun-proof, moisture-proof, rain-proof, long-lasting.
  • MAX adhesive tape machine (tapping machine), can print and cut 2000 mm x 100 mm (horizontal printing or direct printing), and can be widened and lengthened.
  • MAX labeling and cutting machine, can print serial number, barcode and QR code.
  • MAX BEPOP computer cutting plotter, ideal size, only 32cm (W) x 33cm (D) x 32cm (H), you can design or input various graphics and text at any time, and make small or large quantities of product stickers, labels, and notices at any time Stickers, signs, banners, one machine in hand, ready to use, long-term 24-hour life.


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