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SVIEW Macbook 系列抗藍光及抗菌螢幕防窺片 (11"-17")
SVIEW Macbook 系列抗藍光及抗菌螢幕防窺片SVIEW Macbook 系列抗藍光及抗菌螢幕防窺片



「Product」:Magnetive Privacy Filter






  • Can effectively block the glare and UV emitted by the LCD screen, reducing its damage to the eyes
  • Effectively blocks 50% of blue light, effectively reducing eye fatigue and dryness caused by blue light
  • Effectively blocks 99% of UV light
  • The privacy filter has anti-reflective function, which is more efficient when using
  • Antibacterial coating technology is added to the surface of the privacy screen to reduce the growth of bacteria
  • Adopt Microlouver Technology to protect privacy, anti-peeping at 30-degree left and right angles
  • Perfect for Macbooks of all sizes
  • 3H anti-scratch surface and anti-fingerprint design, more efficient when using
  • Glossy/frosted double-sided use


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13吋, 15吋, 16吋


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