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Double A. A4 80gsm 影印紙
Double A. A4 80gsm 影印紙Double A. A4 80gsm 影印紙Double-A.-A4-影印紙-6-scaledDouble A. A4 80gsm 影印紙

Double A. A5 80gsm Copy Paper


「Product」: A5 80gsm Copy Paper

「Brand」:Double A.


「Packing」:10 Ream/Box



  • Fulfills digital world with tangible best quality.
  • Double A is a premium paper brand known for its high quality, superior performance and sustainability. Double A paper sheets have 30 million fibers per gram, a unique feature that confers multiple benefits across the entire range.
  • paper size : 210mm x 297mm

  • Origin: Thailand
  • Smooth and white surface with high fiber density .
  • Suitable for photocopying, fax, inkjet and laser printing that require clear and high resolution .
  • Also suitable for double print or high-speed printing .


(The actual price is subject to the salesperson’s quotation)

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