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KANG YI HT-2880 Banknote Identifier

$4,900.00 $3,400.00

RMB banknotes

  • Allow to inspect RMB banknotes
  • Variety of counterfeit identification function
  • Watermark authenticity of banknotes
  • Verification of magnetic ink
  • Verification of the safety line identification
  • Display the number of sheets
  • Accumulate the number of sheets automatically
  • Verification and identification
  • Counted 15 sheets per second, and allowed different types of paper such as cake coupon
  • High-speed identify and counting money
  • Handling a pile of banknotes
  • Automatic separation of the number of each stack of banknotes
  • In addition to counting the number of banknotes, and also count, coupons, bills, etc. (accommodate size: length 110 to 180, wide 50 to 85, thickness 0.075 ~ 0.15mm)

Product Description

Power Source 220V~230V
Size 245 mm ( W ) x 330 mm ( L ) x 225 mm ( H )
Weight 7.5 kg


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